Monday, November 17, 2003


Is a TV show on a nameless channel.

Men send in texts, which are read out by bubbling, scantily clad beauties, while, on three mini-screens, lingerie-snapping lovelies mouth and jubble to rude phone calls.

It's all most salacious and never goes anywhere ("Come on, come on - would you like me to whip Sammi? Or should I do a pole dance?"), only with occasional flashes of tit.


1) The host Sammi. Tart-With-Heart-Of-Gold, TM. Neat line in small talk, and the look about her of someone who loves her job, but hates every minute of it.

2) A man texted in asking for the girls to crush fruit under their high heels. They found a couple of bananas and trampled on them, making "ooohummmmm" noises... until they started to giggle and sat down again.

3) Someone texted Sammi saying "I've always fancied - ever since we were at school. We're all watching you from The George." Sammi goes red, and squeaks. "Do you have any idea how embarrassing this feels?" she asks, off camera. Then turns to the camera, flashes her tits and giggles - "Get a J&D in for me, lads!"

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