Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Steve update

Do I have a bloke? God knows. But I do enjoy his company.

Took him to Brighton for supper. Forgot he hates travelling by train, but he was reasonably up for it (well, he chain-smoked himself to sleep). Impressed by English's (still my fave restaurant).

While I wanted to pay, he insisted that I let him look after the wine. Then bought a bottle of Dom Perignon, thus guaranteeing that I will constantly be squeaking "£120!". Slightly resent the fact that I'm so middle class I'm desperately impressed by this - obviously valuing the price tag over the sheer loveliness of the champagne.

We bitched and sniped in a most amiable and fond way through supper, and then fell asleep stretched out in a cabin on the last train back to town. While drinking much cheaper champagne.

He's now gone to Prague for a few days, which means I can update my blog in safety. After all - they don't have radio waves out there, let alone the internet. Phew.

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