Wednesday, November 05, 2003

More Steve facts

1./ When he wants to be, he is skipper than me.

2./ Interesting previous boyfriends include a porn star and someone who lived on the streets for the year.

3./ At 19, he was a project manager for an Internet Firm. Then he went into advertising for a bit, moved to Gran Canaria to run a bar, and came back to work in a sex shop.

4./ He hates clubs. Or pubs where you can't talk and the beer is bad.

5./ My flatmate thinks he's cute.

6./ He thinks I should have 'a little switch that I could flick to choose how I want
you: "shut up", "bubbly", "discreet", "on all fours".' Hmmn.

7./ Did we mention the fact that I'm constantly being outclassed by someone who was born in 1979?

8./ He's not impressed by Doctor Who, at all. But mentioning that I knew Nev Fountain got him into bed on Saturday night.

9./ It's very hard to tell when he's drunk. Either that or I've never met him sober. All of a sudden, he will announce mad, drunken plans with deadly seriousness.
Rolling through Chinatown last Saturday night, he suddenly announced "We've got to get off the streets now. The shooting's about to start." I asked him what this meant the next morning. He looked alarmed, whimpered a little, and then laughed.

10./ He appears to know my every online move. Which is unnerving. He's found pictures of me from a long-ago Doctor Who convention in LA. I didn't even know there were any.

11./ He thinks I'm the most dishevilled man he's ever met (this obviously includes Homeless Ex). He offered to buy me an iron for Christmas. I pointed out I already owned one. He growled.

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