Saturday, December 13, 2003

Cruise Control

Irritatingly, when I left the party, I discovered my bike had a puncture. With no Taxi willing to take it, I spent an hour walking home, listening to the world service.

Caught a fascinating programme all about Latin American crops. Thought it was really intriguing.
Finally got to bed at 4, and was then up at 10 to go to a course....

I signed up for a GMFA course on Cruising Skills - they keep promising me normal networking training at work, and this seemed a great way to get that, as well as a few new tips for chatting to strange totty.

Like all good training, this was Basic Common Sense explained well. And I had a riot.

Especially as I was sat down talking to one of the people on the course.

ME: "So, what do you do?"

J: "I work for the BBC."

ME: "Oh. So do I."

J: "No! I work in World Service radio. The latin american service."

ME: "Really? I was listening to it last night as I walked home - heard a great show about Latin American crops"

J: "No! I made that. Took me three months."

The chances of this happening are, of course, phenomenal.

I thoroughly recommend the course, as well. Although... it doens't provide all the answers in a box.

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