Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Meanwhile, Steve

Met up with lovely ex Steve for a drink. First time we've done this properly since we split up. And it was odd, but nice. Steve's still a great chap - funny, dismissive, and terribly laid-back about the whole "I work in porn" thing.

And the evening was going quite well, in a "we are being mature and sensible and friends" way.

Until Steve said "I made a really big mistake when I dumped you, didn't I?"

It took us another two hours to end up in bed. Via a bottle of £80 Shiraz, many cigarettes, and weird, drunken soul-searching.

Apparently, the main reason he dumped me was: "You were just so bloody happy all the time."

The next morning was, predictably weird. Falling into bed may be an easy short term solution, but Steve was quite subdued afterwards. But what can you expect from a man who got his emotions from a pound shop?

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