Sunday, April 04, 2004

Top drag

Finally left the flat and headed up the road to the Black Cap for reassuring drag. It's like dipping a spangly toe in the gay scene.

The Black Cap is where I heard the best drag queen put down ever: "Honey, your legs spend so much time apart they write to each other."

Playing on Sunday was fab Sandra, a strapping black man, who taunted a hapless man in a cricket jumper by asking:
"Ever slept with a black man, hun?"
"Er, no, not that I remember."
"Oh, you'd remember. You'd wake up and find all you're furniture's gone."

Sandra followed me into the urinal at one point, laid a friendly hand on my shoulder and peered over. "Just checking what a white one looks like," she said. Long pause. "Hmmn. Cute. Like bonsai."

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