Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Boring Management Styles: The Bully

One of our managers is an outright bully. He's brilliant at his job, but has the people skills of a starved council house pitbull.

He's the only person in the department ever to reduce me to tears. I discovered I'm not alone. His name came up at lunch today.

"Oh, him." someone said. "I had a meeting with him for two hours last week. My line manager was there and said nothing. Afterwards I spent 20 minutes in the loo crying."

There was a sudden round of nodding.

Apparently it's a common experience - you suffer through the meeting alarmed, surprised, hurt and frustrated - and then, afterwards, as soon as the meeting is over - on come the waterworks.

I wonder how he's crafted such a technique that cunningly prevents people from bursting into tears *during* meetings?

Whatever, he's very good at being completely unreasonable, vicious and cruel. A lot of it, I've discovered, involves low murmuring, statements rather than questions, and abruptly standing up and walking away, shaking the head and growling. Hmmn. It's oddly like chatting someone up, but in reverse.

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