Tuesday, May 04, 2004

West Wing Season Three (no spoilers)

Naturally, completely adorable - and addictive. The one problem with the series, when you watch enough episodes in a row, is realising that each episode is a meditation a single word.

To take the first four episodes, the words are - Islam, Relieved, Torpor, and Boxes.

It reminds me of an old, old BBC Radio programme called Ask The Experts, where the mighty and wise all sat in a room outclevering each other. Each week, the experts were easily outdone by philosopher CEM Joad, whose standard tactic in reponse to each question ("What is the meaning of life?", "When should I plant roses?") was to suck in roomfulls of breath, pause, and then say, "Well, it depends what you mean by..."

Of course, once you've uncovered the trick, it's fairly straightforward. But no less entertaining. Especially when you're central character is
a) President of the United States.
b) Married to Stockard Channing.
c) Can't resist calling helplines for a laugh.

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