Saturday, May 22, 2004

Strictly Come Dancing

I'm enjoying Saturday evenings in the office watching Soap Moppets try and dance far more than I thought I ever would.

Seeing Christopher Parker from EastEnders go from plank of wood to confidently quickstepping through "The One That I want" by the BeeGees is laugh-out-loud wonderful.

It's such feel good television. I've seen lovely Lesley Garrett shout "I've lost ten pounds and had the most fun!", I watched Verona Joseph (Nurse Serious from Holby) fight off rumours that she's had secret professional training - and, best of all, discovered that squeaky clean Claire Sweeney blagged her way onto Chicago by bribing a member of the chorus line to teach her the routine before the audition.

Plus, the frocks are fabulous. It's odd - an hour-long pocket of campness light entertainment, po-faced irony, and genuine human endeavour.

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