Wednesday, September 29, 2004


The thing I most want is sleep. But I'm too tired to sleep, and the evenings are merging into one long, relentless drag show.

I peaked at 11.30 pm tonight. For some reason, no-one in Toronto dreams of going drinking on the scene until 11pm, and doesn't stop till after 2. If you're battling jet lag, and relentless tourism, it's all a little horrid.

Tonight, I just couldn't take any more. Especially as poor Matt was yet again upset by Randall, who regards Matt as much as an elder brother as he does boyfriend - which means poor Matt has to listen to a stream of info about guys Randall has seen/fancied/shagged since they last met.

So, I left early and went to a sauna. The cleanest, nicest one ever. So typically Canadian. I was immediately accosted by almost the only clients - two young DJs who'd popped in for a quick steam before going out for their sets.

This was great, but still I couldn't sleep. So, I stayed for a bit, waiting for any customers to turn up. It was genuinely a bit spooky - padding through the set of Alien, hearing distant bangs and groans, all the while floating on a cloud of near hallucinogenic tiredness.

Good fact: For no good reason, you can smoke in the sauna until October 6th. From then on, just as winter sets in, people will be standing on a balcony. In temperatures down to -25. With howling winds. In a towel.

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