Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Things I did in the last year....

  • Bought a central heating system.
  • Got an IMDB page
  • Beat Philip Schofield, but not Dick and Dom in a poll.
  • Discovered Wales, Scotland and Australia. It rained most in Australia.
  • Nearly died.
  • Been messily in love with the wrong man.
  • Failed to fall in love with the right man. Sorry.
  • Met a man called James Bond.
  • Discovered the joys of depression. None.
  • Given up smoking. Four times.
  • Met the living author I most admire.
  • Built a wardrobe.
  • Finished knitting a scarf.
  • Learnt backgammon.
  • Played Strip Twister.
  • Got grey hair.
  • Kissed in the New Year.
  • Joined a Posh London Club.
  • Been to a Battle of the Bands.
  • Learnt to surf.
  • Taken opium.
  • Eaten hospital food.

Weird places where I've done Very Bad Things:

  • A cage.
  • Toy section of a department store.
  • Traffic bollard.
  • Blue Peter garden.

Well, that was my youth. Now, I guess, all men in their twenties are just "prey".

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