Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The train back from Cardiff was wonderful. Not only was it full of some of the most powerful people in television, but it also featured a buffet named "Refresca".

So intrigued was I by the whole "we-made-it-up-and-isn't-it-cool" naffness that I decided to pay it a visit. And was delighted to discover it run by a really rather pretty man.

We bonded at once: "How do you spend your working life swaying from side to side surrounded by boiling water?"

"Well, a few deep breaths in and it's all right. Plus, I'm naturally giddy."

I'm in here, I thought.

And then realised - the Buffet is open all the way back from London. I can't possibly have him. This is ridiculous. Sadly, I slumped back to my chair.

Later at lunch, Ann yelled at me, "Fool! They're always closing the buffet to restock or something. I'm sure he'd have made an unscheduled stop for you."


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