Sunday, March 20, 2005

Remounting the Mountie

I've been enjoying Due South on DVD far more than I thought I would. And for some of the wrong reasons.

My fixation this time around is not the star (Paul Gross), nor his rumpled sidekick (Callum Keith Rennie - apparently, his real name). I'm enjoying the oddball stories, the razor-sharp dialogue, the giddy musical score as much as ever... but no... this time the star is Constable Renfrew Turball, as played by Dean McDermott.

There's something about a decent man with lots of muscles and no brain that's irresistibly attractive. And then there's the uniform.


Of course, even better is the joyous realisation in Mountie on the Bounty that... Officer Turnbull is a red shirt-lifter! While the rest of the cast settle down for a lovemaking montage, Turnbull indulges in a Gaultier-tribute spot of arm-wrestling with a fellow mountie. "You are a very aggressive young man," sighs Turnbull, staring into his eyes. Here's the picture:

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