Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Well, that was all rather busy

Highlights of the last week have been...

1) Doctor Who
2) Not dying because of Dr Who.
3) The not-bf ringing up at one point to express genuine concern for me.
4) Storming out of a meal like a queen.
5) Drinking with Darian. He's charming.
6) Sleep.
7) Learning that sometimes, the best way to get something done around here, is to snog someone.

Bad things of the last week...
1) Snot. Everywhere. Constantly.
2) Walking back from a party in Cardiff. In the rain.
3) Not watching Doctor Who, or even enjoying it much, due to working at the time.
4) Conversations with Other People about Doctor Who.
5) Losing my wallet.
6) My bike having a puncture.
7) I've suddenly started hating smoking. But am more addicted than ever.
8) What is a gym?
9) What happened to my hair?

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