Saturday, April 02, 2005

End of another world

So, after an absence of several days, Adam turns up at the office to watch Doctor Who.

Our last phone conversation went like this.

ME: Hello!
ADAM: Darling! Someone's just broken a capsule of K under my nose. They're a bad, bad, bad bad man.... Goodbye!

So where had he been? Apparently, cooking up K in a flat for days on end with two Ketamine dealers and a flyer boy.

He settled down to watch Strictly Dance Fever, and suddenly stiffened when a pretty dancer shimmied on screen. "Oh! My! God!" he roared. He went quiet for a few seconds. "Smashing body, great kisser... a terrible shag."

Adam leaned in close to the screen. "Oh! He's looking nervous. Wow. This means he's got a facial expression other than pout. Good."

Pretty Boy Dancer got through to the next round. "You could sell your story," I suggested to Adam.

He glared at me, "For that thing? Perlease, I'd be at the end of a very long line."

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