Monday, April 11, 2005

To boldly go down

Never tell anyone anything about the TV you watch. It'll never be held against you.

I say this because of Damien. I nearly worship Damien. He's another proof of my vow that, if you're about to leave somewhere, you should always stop and chat to the prettiest stranger on the way out.

Damien was the prettiest stranger at the Black Cap on Saturday. And I lingered there for three hours after I stopped to say hi.

He's got a Most Interesting Job - managing an Angus Steak House! Hysterical! The things he knows about Black Forest Gateaux... He's naturally many other wonderful things - His gay best friend is going to inherit a mansion in Hertfordshire. They're planning on living out a fine old age their, whizzing around in Golf Carts, the grounds well-stocked with Helpful Men.

He only made one significant mistake. For some reason he announced that he was a trekkie. God knows, I really shouldn't judge, and he did quickly explain "Only for Captain Janeway and The Hair." But it turns out he's been to conventions in LA. In uniform. So... *shrugs*

I was preparing to forgive all this, especially as he leaned over the bar, and his t-shirt rode up and I suddenly felt all dizzy... He then told me "But at the moment, I really adore Buffy (good news), especially the last two years (unbelievably bad news)."

Hmmn. It's at that point that I realised I couldn't spend the rest of my life with this man. He even knows all the names of the Potential Slayers from series seven.

That said, I think we're meeting up for drinks.

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