Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Madam and I...

Are still seeing each other. But sporadically. I suspect he's got his own spin-off show. Perhaps he's moved to LA and set himself up in a Detective Agency.

Anyway, he cameo'd in last Friday's episode. In that Lee and I were at Brief Encounter for their weekly sing-a-long (There's nothing quite like getting groped by very large men while belting out "Somewhere over the rainbow").

I checked in with Adam.

ADAM: Where are you?
ME: Oh, Brief Encounter.
ADAM: Ah. I thought I could hear Goldfinger. Excellent. I was going to head home to get money, but you can lend me some. I'll be round in five.
ME: ...

Two portly brazilians dashed past me to the toilets, in a state of excited undress.

Adam brought along a friend called Gavin. Who was a hairdresser. I could see Lee's hackles rise - they're purple, which helps.

Gavin actually turned out to be the star of the evening. Not only could he do spot on impressions of celebrity clients with disastrious hairdos, but he could also dismantle Adam with barely a word.

They left to go to Heaven. "Sorry, sweetheart," said Adam, pocketing my fags, "Gotta dash - it's a friend's 17th birthday party. I don't want to go, but..."

"Yeah," muttered Gavin, snapping his powder compact shut, "Adam hates it when they get too old for him."

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