Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Been so miserable at work for the last two days i can't even type. Spent all of today lurching from one meeting to the next, until eventually, i fell asleep half way through a sentence.

The person i was talking to turned away, and when he turned back, I'd just muttered "jesus" and had my head in my hands.


Tom Dolan said...

Hang on in there.

(pat pat pat)

Skip said...

Thanks Tom.

Seeing if i can get through one whole day without being treated like i'm rubbish. The chances are slim - i'm now so petrified, i'm double-gueesing myself over potential bollockings.

Just had a panic attack over a picture of a trombone.

Tom Dolan said...

If they told you were German enough times, would you believe them?

Anonymous said...

If it's really bad, why not approach human resources and ask for some support? You don't have to bear it all on your own, and shouldn't try if it's getting to you like this.

Skip said...

That's so terribly kind - but sadly, the nature of my job is bouquets and brickbats (and really, as 50s as that phrase sounds).

Sadly, I'm getting too old for the bricks. And, you know, I've never really known what to do with flowers. I can't even keep a spider plant alive.