Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What does he see in him?

The homepage of Gaydar specialises in images which in theory shows the diversity of the gays. But in practice, it looks like auditions for The Odd Couple:

Gay Clement Freud:

Body-language of model on the left says "Get your hands off me, creepy motherfucker":

"Of course I'm in an open relationship - I'm with the Gay Fonz":

One of these gays would like a green card. Can you spot which one?

Gay on the left has just noticed the t-shirt and realised his boyfriend of six months is blind:


em said...

I've never seen someone looking simultaneously so wet-yet-trying-to-look-tough as Mr Creepy in pic number 2.

Skip said...

Interestingly, although a lot of effort has gone into finding "real" diverse people, you know the two pretty models with their tops off?

Well, whereas everyone else gets one picture in the random carousel, they get *many*.

Personally, I think we should see more of creepy Mr Camden.

SL&V said...

The topless shots are the new branding... the random pairings are from last years redesign.

You missed off my favourite one, the blonde topless guy... looks like he'd happily beat you to a pulp then fuck your brains out.
I like him.

Skip said...

Yeee-es. And that's why people are always very careful around you.