Monday, November 21, 2005


So, the only highlight of a miserable weekend was one act of amazing generosity, when Lee decided not to let two charming men escort him home, but instead helped me out when I lost my keys.

Other than that, a completely miserable time. Saturday was dull. Sunday involved a migraine of the retching-and-sobbing variety. It would not go away, the Special Magic Cancer Pain Pills not even touching it.

At one point I came to on the floor of the laundry room, face down in melting ice, and I thought "You're going to have to go to hospital. They'll think you've got meningitis again, and they'll give you another lumber puncture."

At which point, I panicked, and quickly wondered about ending it all. Of course, any elaborate suicide plans were a non starter - I was in so much pain it had just taken me three hours to change the batteries on my walkman.

I shifted around slightly on floor, and flipped open the door of the deep freeze, resting my head on the shelf. No, I thought, as my brow came to rest on some frozen samosas, no, I shall go with dignity.

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