Friday, April 28, 2006

The Joker of the Band

Weirdly Written Robbie Bio: "He seeked refuge in Cocaine and Alcohol, both of which were ready available to him with no arguments..."

Mind you, this is the same site that claims Jake Shears has outed Robbie. Um.


Chris C said...

When you say "weirdly", do you in fact mean "badly"?

I imagine so...

Skip said...

You're right - but I think there's a difference between "Weird" and "Bad" writing. In my head.

Bad writing is frequently unreadable. Weird writing can be bad, but also entertaining.

My fave example is an interview with Madonna translated from English to German and then back again. Hung on my bathroom door for years.

"So, tell us about your book Slut."
"It's called Sex, actually."
"Not in Germany..."

em said...

oh my god, it's as if THIS GUY wrote it:

I love it... unintentional comedy genius.

He's trying so, so hard...

Skip said...


Oh, em, I love you. That's so cruel. Must look away. Must stop reading. Just can't.

em said...

I spent a 'fruitful' day last year reading the whole sorry tale from beginning to end.

I still long to know when the girl came to her senses and how she broke his overly aspirational hyperbole-filled heart.


Highlight of chapter 5: "her lips journeyed to the home of my lusting hive"


Skip said...

"lusting hive"?


oh. and he so fancies himself in his pictures!

Riddler J said...

Ha, I do have to giggle at myself ^_^ ps... I sooooo do not fancy myself in the pictures.