Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vegan Sandwich

Just eaten a vegan sandwich by accident. I feel drained of life, joy and energy. And oddly full of cardboard.


Hugh said...

was this a "factory" sandwich or one made for/by a vegan?

i lived with one for years and never had a dull meal/sarni, and had loads of meals never involving lettuce

Canary Warbler said...

Good lord!... what was actually in it??



Skip said...

Well, Hugh,

I'm quite sure these Vegan sandwich makers would be appalled to think that they threw on their dungarees and flopped off in their sandals to go work in a "factory".

But I take your point. I like humus (although will never be able to spell it). I adore falafel. I like chilli.

All of those were in the sandwich. But, had I checked the ingredients more closely, I would have noticed the fatal warning: "contains Couscous".