Monday, April 24, 2006

My tabloid shame

I was woken by a text from Lee: "Have you seen the front cover of the Daily Star?"

Me: "No. What's on it?"

Lee: "You are. Hilarity."

And he was right. All of page one (apart from the breasts) and most of page 7 (apart from more breasts) devoted to, uh, my work. I read it slowly, with that weird, creeping feeling of "bu-bu-bu none of this is true! This is all wrong, this is nothing to do with me!"

And yet, there I am, professional reputation trashed by a tabloid. All very silly and complete rubbish. And therefore rather enjoyable.

However, as I've said before, I've got many managers, bunches of them in London. Once they knew what was going on, did any of them bother to get in touch to check that it was okay? Er. No. Should I be reassured by this, or worried?


Lippy said...

Well I just hope it's DT you're stalking and not horse face. He looks like an amazing shag with a tardis so who wouldn't??

Qenny said...

Tabloid shame? I think you look great with tits and a blonde wig.

em said...

Got a link to the article for those of us that want to bitch and pour scorn upon the twat journalist that wrote it?