Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Welshest yet

*hilarious* fake tan disaster. I look like a coal miner.

UPDATE: I've now got a real sunburnt nose. I'd like to think this makes the overall effect realistic. Sadly, if I was a cat I'd be called Patch, and if I was a puppet I'd be called Sooty.


Hugh said...

you look like somebody has just grabbed you by the nuts :(

is that a scout shirt you're wearing?

Skip said...

my expression was more of a "please don't take a photo, actually, no do take a photo, i'm sure it doesn't look that bad... oh fuck."

yeah. it's a Canadian Scout Shirt, I think. I like it. I think it's cute and quirky. Although, i'm now realising, on a 31 year old man, it probably just says "pederast".