Friday, July 28, 2006

In which I nearly have sex

So, his boyfriend had left the pub and he offered to walk me home. It was a warm summer's evening, and I was charmed.

He walked me home. He followed me up in the lift and into the flat. And then he pounced.

There was a brief, exciting tussle. And then something caught his eye, and he stopped. "Oh my god!" he gasped, "Is that really a script for what I think it is! Wow! I am like the world's biggest fan!"

I got rid of him within minutes. Sadly, I appear to have got good at saying "No" to attractive men. That's three times in a fortnight that roughly the same thing has happened. Virtue's comforting. But just a little dull.


Hugh said...

my advice is tidy everything away before you go out - that way you may not make it to number 4

Skip said...

In my defence it does at least prove i'm not a calculating predator.

And that I should have made my move when I had the chance, round the back of Minskys where the tramps gather.