Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A mountain problem with the gays

So, you're an author, and you've come up with a book that will do for werewolves what Buffy did for vampires.

The marketing department are all behind you. But someone in sales doesn't agree. "Look," they say, "The title - it's very good, but it's also quite a naughty gay term."

The author doesn't believe it. Marketing go away and check. Yes, the title is gay slang, but they think it's quite obscure, and, anyway, it's not going to put off young teens or their parents.

Then a gay film comes out that popularises the phrase, but still the author sits tight. After all, the phrase isn't actually used in the film, only by people trying to be funny. And anyway, that's not going to put young teens off reading this gripping werewolf thriller. And, luckily the book has a lovely cover that's going to stop people thinking of gay shagging.

So, the book comes out. The title? Bareback.


James said...

Well, the cover _does_ have a bare back on it...

Taking over prominant cover features into account, perhaps they should have renamed the book "Moon", thus removing any possibly smutty undertones?

Skip said...

This is the second cover.

The other one showed a moon, over a dark lane with shadowy figures flitting along it.