Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Glorious weekend spent going through my old Lego. I'd just meant to see if I had all the bits for the castle, but ended up building Lego Town all over again.

Blissfully therapeutic. Scary Lego things I'd forgotten:
  • Lego Shell Station Is there now a Lego recycling plant?
  • Too many nurses Lego nurses are a bit creepy. More so when you realise you've got five identical clone nurses, all with evil grins.
  • Lego Sex Change Simply swap the perm for a hat. Creepy.
  • Legoland is now gay All the new Lego is about men. With rakish grins and stubble. Compare 1980s Fire Chief with 2005's:

  • Old lego plans are now online Whoosh!


Gary said...

Eeek! I'm looking at your blog, and Helen is talking to you on the phone. Apparently about Edinburgh. And poop (though I am listening through two walls and a corridor, so I may have misheard this last).

Gosh, the furious work-rate in our house...

Gary said...

Ah yes, and now you're talking about AL Kennedy. And how brave she is. And how everyone would love her to fail.

I've always loved AL Kennedy. I read her columns and think - no, I am not the grumpiest person I know. And I am sane. Because AL thinks what I think, but more so, and more wittily, and more publicly.

Yes. I'll stop now.

Skip said...

I think I love AL Kennedy. And fear her.

Her world is a very dark one. She's a clear example of what life would be like without cats.