Friday, August 04, 2006

The Unluckiest Man in Forest Gate

Poor Mohammed Abdul Kahar. What are the chances of...
  • Being mistaken for a terrorist?
  • Being accidentally shot in the shoulder by a trained firearms officer who was actually using his gun as a, um, torch at the time?
  • Being arrested as a child pornographer?
  • On the very same day that the report into your shooting comes out?

I mean, goodness me. That's quite a run of bad luck. I suspect by the weekend we'll also discover that he ordered the death of Princess Diana, and broke Wayne Rooney's foot.

Meanwhile, over to the IPCC report, and poor old officer B6:

B6 was the first officer to climb the steep, narrow and dark stairs. He states that as he climbed the stairs was was shouting "armed police". As he was wearing a respirator any words spoken would have been muffled. As it was dark, B6 was using the torch fitted to his MP5 Carbine. B6 says he was carrying the weapon "raised to an off aim position in front of me"....

B6 states that he heard a "pop" but did not register that it was a shot (he was wearing ear defenders, a helmet and a hooded suit)... We note that the safety catch was off... and the officer was wearing two pairs of gloves.

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