Friday, August 18, 2006

Random Link

Every now and then I click the "Queer Diaries" link on the left. Often it goes to a broken page, or the latest entry reads - "January 13, 2005 - I'm know now that Roo really cuts through all my shit, so I'm just gonna follow him to LA. I'm following my dreams. Will post again next week to tell you they went. Wish me luck!!!"

So, I click it this morning, and get a food diary. Sample entry:

    Brunch today was scrambled tofu plus a piece of toast with Earth Balance.

    Midafternoon I had an apple and some raw cashews...

    Peach Berry Smoothie. Whizzzed it up in the blender. It's okay but I think I used too much flaxseed.

Oh my god. Why?

PS: Suddenly I feel fat.

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