Monday, August 14, 2006

Back from Edinburgh

First holiday in a year. Amazing. Things to know

  • Dylan Moran was a long way away, very funny, and really needs to work out what he thinks of gays.
  • I spent more money than I knew I had.
  • Student theatre is exactly how you remember it.
  • Had supper next to the Goodies.
  • Stayed in a gay sauna. Again.
  • Didn't have sex.
  • Edinburgh is FULL of boy totty. All that nervous energy.
  • Listened to two Celeb Big Brothers talking about a third: "Very keen on recycling. We drank champagne on the last night and he said 'Promise me, if I go out, you'll do one thing for me - put the bottle in the right bin.'
  • AL Kennedy was amazing.
  • Saw a play about a bench on top of a hotel. So bad I couldn't sleep through it.
  • This week's midlife crisis: Why am I not a 30 year old, 6 foot tall, blonde fit comedian from the North? Why? Why? Why?
  • I keep dreaming that John Reid is going out with Paula Radcliffe. Whenever she's out running and has to pee, policemen form a ring round her for privacy.


James said...

On the subject of student theatre, did you see a play called "The It Girls" while you were there? Many of my friends from Warwick are in it, so I'd be very interested in an (honest) critique.

Skip said...

God no - but I think I still have about five flyers for it.

James said...

Ha ha! Nice to know that Alec finally got round to doing the publicity, at least. Actually, having looked at the play's profile on, I'm mostly curious about (a) which two of the cast end up in their boxers, and (b) why they feel the need to warn us about this!

I'm also wondering whtehr Apollo/Dionysus is decent theatre, or just very, very pretentious.

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