Friday, August 04, 2006


Just got a text. From a man. I cannot remember him at all. But it sounds as though we've had sex. Or worked together on a really difficult project.

How do I reply?


Brad Fitt said...

text back saying

did I fuck u?

and if he replies in the negative send apologies for your dodgy predictive text and say you meant fax.

Hugh said...

I'm trying to figure out what he might have said that gave you the impression you either had sex with him or worked together!
clearly at the BBC you have a closer working relationship with your colleagues than i had previously imagined :)

I'd reply in the affirmative - if its works its easy to get out or and if he's only lovely with beer goggles on, you can run away to the hills

Limehouse Dan said...

Can we know what the text says, in order to fully help you out? Actually, I'm just dying to know.

Sharon said...

oh do tell, pretty please?

Tom Gaylord said...

maybe 'son, was that meant for me? can you grab some mushrooms on the way home?'