Friday, September 29, 2006

Cardiff Anti-Gay Leaflet update

Christian Voice Man let off for handing out anti-gay leaflets at Cardiff Mardi Gras

I've actually got one of the leaflets at home. It's *completely bonkers* and whilst I found it personally enormously insulting and offensive, you couldn't really describe it as threatening violence.

It spent a lot of time explaining how homosexuality was actually incest, as gay people call each other "brother".

Yeah. Now, there's an arugment that homosexuality is bestiality, as gay people do spend a lot of time calling each other "bitch".

But, by they time the author had finished explaining the whole incest thing, there was very little space left over for "God Says: Bum and Burn".

Ah well. The woman who gave it to me was very nice, and had a lovely smile and an Iceland bag full of cake.


Anonymous said...

what made me laugh in that report is that they say he refused to accept a caution from the "minorities support unit" - surely wasn't he the minority with 40000 odd puffs and lezzers wandering about and only a couple of them.

hmm the cake probably came from the dark side

Lippy said...

The thing with the leaflets is it's just so RUDE!

I mean you don't get Jews in butchers shops handing out leaflets to the people buying sausages about how it's wrong and unclean now do you?

Skip said...

i know, i know, but the Gays Are Responsible For Everything Bad.

Well, it's either us or Polish Plumbers.

Although, if you are lucky enough to be a Gay Polish Plumber... just give me your number.

Lippy said...

No - I've just employed a Cardiff gay lawyer and he's fabooo! We love him - the desperate for a shag secretary is in deep denial of his gayness. I'm priming him to get pissed up at Christmas, put his hand on her leg and whisper in his best dulcet tones "Sam, I am a gay!"