Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hospitals and Heartbreak

The important thing to remember about Saturday night is that somebody I rather like ended up in hospital with a broken jaw. It's seemingly trendy in Cardiff to finished a night out with a kebab and some mindless violence.

The lesson to learn from this, fellas, is never leave a Cardiff nightclub alone.

The other thing about Saturday night is that the bloke I've been quietly dating for a couple of months went home with someone else.

So, ouch. I feel really, really terribly about it. In a most irrational way. I did have high hopes for the little fella. But never mind.

The good news is that this does mean that, since he was a regular reader, I can now write up all my slight accidents in two months of near celibacy.

Hoorah. Especially as one of them involved going dogging with a Tesco shelf stacker.


Anonymous said...

moves computer into kitchen to be closer to food and water

*sits down to wait for the gossip*

Gary said...

Ah. Helen and I had been complaining to one another that you weren't posting regularly enough. Now all is clear.