Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brilliantly, holiday

A night train from Euston tonight down to Aberdeen where we've hired this castle:

By sheer fluke, yesterday's gentleman caller had actually been there, so I now know top facts like how noisy the ghost is. Wheee!


Hugh said...


I've only ever heard my grandparents and parents say (going South) "Up to London" and (going North) "Down to Glasgow, Have you got some Scottish in you....pnar pnar

so will you be Laird of the Hoose

Simon said...

Hired a castle i am most most envious, I want to hire a big old castle!

Loving your blog.


Marc Acito said...

WOW. A castle. You're the landed gentry now. Congrats.

Orchis said...

An entire castle ? Does it come with forelock tugging flunkies ?

Qenny said...

I'm guessing Fyvie.

Is it the grand hall that they hire out?

Skip said...

Correct! Actually the "Preston Tower". Which was fucking amazing.

Qenny said...

It's one of my favourite castles, and because it was properly lived in right up until recently (and possibly still is?) it has a more alive feeling than most such places.

If you get the chance - and if you haven't already done so - Dunnotter Castle outside Stonehaven is worth the drive.