Tuesday, February 19, 2008

London's Worst Restaurant?

I've wanted to go to Sarastro for years. Imagine two men very much in love. Let's call them Bill and Ted. Bill is planning a restaurant. Ted is designing it. Then they split up, but each agrees that they'll carry on with the restaurant. The result is like walking in on a row.

The design is hilarious, all balconies and gold paint that scream "love me! love me you bitches!". But the house lights are on, so it looks like Joan Rivers without airbrushing.

It is often said that revenge is a dish best served cold, and the service here neatly settled a lot of scores. Perfectly acceptable starters were followed by bizarre mains, clearly inspired by "I made you supper, but you didn't turn up". The least offensive bit was the broccoli, which had been boiled since November. Hilariously, my "chicken breast wrapped in parma ham and cheese" turned out to be one of these:

... with a slice of processed cheese on top.

The whole thing was so bad, I actually want to go again.


Lippy said...

Oh thank you - you have saved me from myself. I wanted to go just to see whether the inside matched up to the outside. On one level, good to see that it does...on another...oh dear.

Orchis said...

I've just looked it up on www.london-eating.co.uk and most people agree with you. My favourite review was from'a party of 8 from Dorset', who said: 'We ate the Pineapple it was delicious (the knives have a serrated edge!!)'. Apparently, there is a sister restaurant, Papageno's in Bow Street, that is also horrible.

Skip said...

The bread was nice. And there was a pureed carrots with chilli thing that was actually not so...