Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Joy! Joy! Joy!

I have a new favourite television programme. It's called The Palace, and features a pretty boy as King, while Jane Asher staggers about as the drunken Queen Mother.

Imagine Hollyoaks meets The West Wing, only without the wit of either, and there you have it. An hour of television composed almost entirely of significant glances and knowing pouts. I loves it.

(Note Jane Asher's left eyebrow in the picture above. Look at the perfect 45-degree angle of it. Irony, she has it.)

But then, I discover to my shock that Hotel Babylon is back. Can I love two shows at the same time? If I cheat on one guilty pleasure with another, does that make me even guiltier? Or will Hotel Babylon actually respect me more?

Extra bonus: I hear that this year, Hotel Babylon really, really stinks. Oh, I can't wait.


Lippy said...

Adore them both - and they have the added benefit that I get the sitting room all to myself to watch them in. So I can stetch out on the sofa under a fluffy throw while the rest of the family run away screaming "HOW CAN YOU WATCH THIS CRAP!"

Skip said...

Victory is yours.