Sunday, April 20, 2008

Animal Story of the Week: The Snake

Another stupidly busy week. So here's a true story from a local radio phone in. One of those "tells us about your pets" hours.

"So, anyway, I've got this pet snake, and it's not been eating. You know, a pythony thing. And it suddenly stopped eating. Nothing worked. Not even mice. So, I took it to the vet, and the vet said sometimes they get like this and not to worry - they always eat eventually.

But it carried on and on. And I thought, well maybe it was feeling bored of being in its tanks. So I took it out of the tank to see if it wanted to eat then, and it just went behind the sofa and stayed there. So perhaps that wasn't the problem.

Anyway, I woke up the next morning, and it was lying stretched out on the bed next to me. Which you know, was a bit odd but kind of cute.

So I told the vet this and the vet said 'Ah, well, sometimes if they've got their eye on a particular bit of prey, they starve themselves, especially if it's big prey. And then, when they're fairly sure there's room enough for them, they lie down next to them, just to see if they'll fit it all in.'"

I've no idea of the source or veracity of this, but it has been amusing me quietly for days.


Treasurebum said...

alas it is urban legend...

Frobisher said...

Yes, it is a urban myth - remember hearing variation of the story years ago at school.

Perry Neeham said...

Nobody has worked in a joke about trouser snakes? Not surprised, I can't be bothered either.

What about more important questions like: Why are you so busy? What's happening in your lust life? Why doesn't meccano have pimply bits so it would integrate with lego?

Skip said...

Ah, so it was just an urban myth told by someone to distract me and cheer me up.

How brilliantly cheering. All continues well. But May 6th can't come soon enough.

Commander Primate said...

On the subject of snakes, I returned home last Saturday to discover that my flatmate's teenage brother had captured an adder in a tupperware box, and intended to keep it as a pet. He'd kindly brought it round to show everyone. Some ham had been placed in its little food-storage prison, as an early attempt at feeding it.

We think his mum has probably made him let it go by now.