Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saturday Magazines

The problem with them is that they're all very well, until you read on the problems page:

Q: I scraped my brand new ceramic butler's sink with an aluminium preserving pan as I made marmalade. Am I stuck with these marks for ever?

A: All you need to do is, with the tap running, rub a wet pumice stone against the marks.

Go out! Have an affair! Shoot someone! Get a cat! Buy a non-organic vegetable. Or a ready meal. Just... oh god. Do something. I am cutting this out and pinning it up in the kitchen to remind me. You know, for whenever I think "should I bother going out?"


Lippy said...

Frankly you may as well be chucking up insane amounts of vodka down a butler's sink, because any time you use it for any domestic purpose it looks as if it is covered in projectile vomit.

Bloody things...came with the house.

Orchis said...

An aluminium preserving pan ! Madness !