Thursday, April 03, 2008

Great news for the future of television

Hotel Babylon Gets Fourth Series

It really has been dreadful this year in a deliciously vile way. The hilarity's been helped enormously by bringing in a whole new set of characters - but keeping the cast the same.

The John Barrowman episode was probably the one where it jumped the shark. Although it would be a diamante encrusted shark, and like we care.


Lippy said...

It has lost something that was profoundly necessary now Max's dulcent Manc tones are missing from the voice over at the beginning of each episode.

Just not the same........sigh.

Adam said...

Seriously, how have they managed to get renewed for a fourth season? S3 was a wonderful return to season from an embarrassing second season.

Frankly; I don't care. As long as Anna "Thornton-Wilton" (HEH!)continues to be in the show, I will continue to watch.

Skip said...

Seriously, the BBC should open up a real Hotel Babylon. Or do a convention or something. With lots of whores and inept service.