Wednesday, April 09, 2008

East 17 - Stay Another Day

I caught this on TV the other morning, and was transfixed:

How can I have forgotten completely about this? How can the sun still turn in the sky without this being projected on the clouds on a loop? Watch it. Is it not transfixingly strange?

  • Brian Harvey is wearing an entire Scottish Gift Shoppe.
  • They all look like they shouldn't be left alone with musical instruments.
  • They keep shooting the camera moody ferret glances that say "Yes, I am Trouble, but I will give you sex".
  • There's a weedy boy who plays the piano and they probably beat up for lunch money.
  • It's all a bit like the Cadbury's Gorilla advert.
  • Only they keep pissing themselves laughing.
  • But in a carefully manufactured way.

I mean, it's such a girlie song. East 17 were supposed to shag you roughly on a Peugeot using a mars bar wrapper as a prophylactic. And yet this song says "but yeah, we also love you really with out hearts of gold". And just when you're trying to work out the layers of irony, marketing and brand confusion... SLEIGH BELLS!

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Qenny said...

Gosh, darnit. The video is no longer available. That'll learn me to drop off the blogsphere.