Sunday, June 08, 2008


Bizarrely convinced I've had these already. But doctor says no. Last few days have been a grim blur of oily baths, creams, anti-histamines, wine and Agatha Christie books.

It's odd how when I'm healthy I make a real effort with food. When I'm ill... not so much. I got back from Costcutter yesterday with chocolate mousse, pizza, onion rings, and milk bottles.

Last fortnight has been pretty much miserable. And included having a filling without anaesthetic. Oddly, that was a high-spot.


Lippy said...

Oh no, measles is really horrible.

And everyone eats rubbish when the feel ill. It's almost a requirement. You are doing well not to be subsisting on chocolate digestives and milky tea.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Skip said...

Thanks both - I actually bought a bar of Bournville Chocolate today to celebrate no longer looking like an agonised beetroot.

Sadly, what was a refined and exotique taste in my youth is now like chalky margarine. Boo!