Friday, June 13, 2008

So, where were we?

(Shuffles on. Pretends nothing's up. Waves!)

oh hello. There you are. Well, here's my new favourite thing - It's a site for people who would like to be very famous indeed please.

Browse through its directory of identikit blonde presentones. But also feel free to boggle at their Beefcake. I've plucked out a few choice ones:

Evan. He's a gymnast. He's also a "DANCR" and has starred in "piter pan".

ENVY girl band. "would be willing to participate in reality TV shows and documentaries based on our journey to the top!"

Carlos. He is "capable of dynamic" and lists the order in which he's learnt songs. Stalkers note: He works as a doorman in South London. Bounce me!

Justin. Best credit - Harlequin Romance Novel Cover – Intrigue Series – ‘Private Swat Takeover’

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