Sunday, September 21, 2008

Book update

New book smell is a nice smell. But my new book smells best of all.

Now it's finally listed on Amazon, it appears to be the #24th best-selling science fiction book. This is a transitory bit of lovely. I am being beaten by The Hobbit, Terry Pratchett, and various Doctor Who things. This I do not mind. But there at Number 8 is a Supernatural spin-off book.

I mean.. Supernatural? That's the show that's basically Brokeback Mountain, but without either horses or fucking.

In other news, my villains took me out for a drink this week. And I gave them a copy of the book. They laughed when they saw their names in print. And then they smirked. "Well, I think you've got us about right," said one. "And are we about to do to John Barrowman what I think we are?"

I nod. And they laugh some more. "You know us so well," they say.


Lee said...

Cover's lovely too. Grin.

Perry Neeham said...

Not sure I would like to be beaten by a a Judge maybe.