Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I can has mew

Well, this is "Florence" (name to be decided). I picked her up from the Cats Protection League last night. She was dignified in the cab until we ran out of road and I had to walk her the last half mile. By the time I got to the flat she was wailing like a crashed ambulance.

Five minutes later, though, and she was eating. And didn't really stop. The other thing I've discovered is that she's an explorer. She spent last night trying to solve the Da Vinci Code using my furniture, with occasional complaints that the Knights Templar had stolen her food.

She even waited for me to go to bed, and then curled up next to me. I coughed.
Florence: Are you going to do that all night?
Me: Yes, a little, but I love you.
Florence: Cool. I'll be in the living room. Byeeee.

There was a point when I thought she was happily asleep up at the bottom of the bed, but then realised it was just a jumper. I has a momentary panic of "where is she?" followed by the reassuring rattling of bookshelves and the sound of paperbacks tumbling to the floor.

She has the face of a weary musketeer, and thinks that Breakfast Time is six am. She also has only one mew, the sound of a heart breaking with unbearable misery. It's like being woken by Ingmar Bergman.


Gary said...

Oh, you write like an angel. xxx.

Nairnski said...

more pics more pics.

Lslbsc2 said...

SW/TX PCA/ACA: Science Fiction and Fantasy Area Special CFP:
Torchwood (11/15/08; 2/24-28/2009)

The 30th Annual Meeting of the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture
Association/American Culture Association

And congratulations on the cat.

Lippy said...

Oh dear - hope you are feeling better, although really, cats and Dorothy L Sayers - less gay blade and more racy maiden aunt.

Tell me when you are feeling better and I promise to ply you with gin and it.

Skip said...

Dear Lippy - am pretty much a functioning member of society these days. Although many more nights of cat-related insomnia and I may crack. If only they'd thought of that in Guantanamo, we wouldn't be in the mess we're now in. And yes - you're right, there's been far too much old crime and cats. It's time for some racy anecdotes - even if I have to steal them from other gays!

Bless you Gary, and also Nairnski - there will be more pics, although not too many.

And dear lslbsc2 thank you for the targeted Torchwood spam about the SW/TX PCA/ACA. And the cat wishes. Goodness. If I'm ever allowed into America I'll drop by...

Orchis said...

Awww, isn't she lovely.

But have you thought about your windows. I once had to rescue mine from a small projection just above the balcony of a sixth floor flat. And he once fell out of a first floor bedroom window. And once went exploring under the floorboards.

Skip said...

we're fine with windows. i'm worried about her fascination with the central heating boiler. While i'm out this weekend, i expect she'll be reaching for the wrench...

Adam said...

""My name's not Florence... it's Chicklet!"