Monday, September 29, 2008

A dinner of herbs

The nicest thing about having dinner with people you used to work with is that you can while away hours talking about the vile people you have in common.

"Oh [World's Least Effective Manager] is still there. They re-hired him."
"What? But everything he works on gets shut down."
"I think that's why they rehired him."
"Does he still spend all day on the phone to his wife?"
"He's certainly never even read an email I sent him."
"Do you think that's why he's survived for so long? Perhaps the secret is never to read any email ever."


"... It's weird, it's like I'm in this silo. No one's mentioned firing me for at least six months."


Later still:
"I never understood why he got away with doing so little work."
"Well, he was dealing drugs to the entire management team."


And finally:
"But would you ever go back?"
We all pause. For just a little too long. "No," we all say.

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