Saturday, March 14, 2009

Belief Systems

So, there was some pillow talk with a Theology Lecturer. He asked what I did for a living, I tried to explain and he pulled a face.
"Oh," he said, "I had a psycho ex who loved Doctor Who."
"Ah." I said.
"Not the new series. The old one. He had all these videos of it in his flat."
"All neatly arranged in order, no doubt."
"No, that was the freaky thing. They were in piles, everywhere. But he could find a story in seconds. Clean socks, not so much."
"He knew all sorts of freaky stuff. I mean, honestly, he could recite all of the programme names from beginning through to the end. How mad is that?"
I sipped my drink, carefully. I was thinking... I can do that. A a bit of a hiccup with Seasons 2, 9 and 15, but other than that... oh god.
I smiled weakly. "That's totally insane."
We nod, awkwardly.
There's porn on. It still baffles me. "I mean, who first looked at a riot baton and thought you could do that with it?" I ask.
He looks at me, oddly.
And I'm thinking Day of the Daleks has to be after Curse of Peladon, surely?


Craig B said...
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Craig B said...

"Curse" followed on straight after "Day".

Oops, does that mean i'm a "psycho ex" too? Some people find a mind jam-packed with DW trivia as being quite endearing.

Skip said...

My friend Lee wants to come back as a poltergeist and spend eternity rearranging the shelves of Who fans.

Lippy said...

Well at least you're not a Jedi Knight and you don't speak Klingon!

Skip said...


Michael said...

Brilliant. And the same season blackspots as me!