Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chris Moyles Homophobic, a bit

Chris Moyles rapped for Will Young gay remarks.

Curiously half-hearted ruling. I do not like Chris Moyles. I think it's rubbish that he's allowed to say that Will Young dresses up in women's clothes and shaves his legs just cos he's gay.

Oddly, if I had to choose between Moyles or Clarkson, I'd take Clarkson. Clarkson at least uses "gay" as an unthinking term of abuse. He's nearly pensionable age, after all, and children born between the two world wars were brought up to think different.
Moyles? Not so much - especially as he makes great play of his best gay friend, poor Aled, who must occasionally sit at his desk before dawn, just staring out of the window and quivering slightly.


Fluffy Pink Duck said...

Chris Moyles is such a self regarding prick that I find it hard to believe that he has any friends - just people who know him and have to endure him because their wage depends on it. Poor poor Aled.

Hugh said...

I couldn't put it better.

Moyles sole "talent" is to try and make people look bigger tossers than he is. I'm sure he will get his comeuppance sooner or later

I'm not convinced though that he's homophobic, just an inconsiderate arsehole

Perry Neeham said...

I think Hugh is probably right, Moyles is just a bit of an arsehole. So really he's just an average bloke.

But he is a fat, sweaty, double chinned average bloke.

Skip said...

Yeah. Great play was made of Jade's various racist atrocities - which is fair does, but your average straight middle class man is far, far worse.

I was in the lifts at a Very Exclusive London Media Club. As I got into the lift, a beautiful, clearly gay man got out of it.

Cue a long elevator journey listening to four presumably well-educated media liberals make snide remarks about fudge, chutney, and the chewing of pillows.

Before, naturally, they all slumped home to make beery fat love to their miserable girlfriends.

Seriously. Straight men. I think it's time for a cure.

Perry Neeham said...

A 'close friend' of mine only goes for straight men. Which, now that I've written it, is very worrying.

Skip said...

It's like recycling tetra-pak. Fine as an aspiration, but don't go there.

Hugh said...

we recycle tetra pak here in Glasgow - I'm not sure if that say's something

I see Mr Moyles got told off today by his boss - i'm sure it was like being told off by the Headmaster, you stood there in silence, then went back to the playground and it was worn as a badge of pride/hardness

Skip said...

See? Only Glasgow is hard enough to tackle recycling paper foil coated with plastic.

Camden just makes an "eeeeee" noise and wonders haughtily why you don't get a smoothie maker.

Hugh said...

Well its so hard we even have cybermen wandering around the West End - I though maybe someone had slipped something into my coffee, but it turned out to be day 1 of a Dr Who exhibition