Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Alcazar Album

I'm so excited I could wee. You can preorder it. Or you can enjoy the giddy joy of the AlcaBlog:

We´re still in a state of happiness after our victory in Skandinavium, Gothenburgh!!! Now we´re at the office to talk about the future of Alcazar.....The album is almost finished and we hope you will love it...We do !! We just signed a great record deal with Universal in Sweden, be aware all the fans in Europe...A new singel is coming out soon!

Thanks to Alcazar World you can hear snippets. And oh!my!god! it's like they've turned the Alcazar up to 11. There's even... surely not a rip-off of East 17's Steam.

Oh dear. I'll have to order a whole new set of gay fuses.

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