Sunday, March 08, 2009

Telly update

Sarah Connor is addictively awful, isn't it? Especially the episode where they send Sarah Connor to a hospital cos she's a grumpy humourless bitch and her roommate sets fire to herself rather than spend another night with the cow.

Battlestar clearly continues to be Best Thing Ever - apart from the Token Annual Rubbish Starbuck Episode - which actually was better than most of the others - if only for Tigh's Oh!My!God! eye acting when Starbuck plays the piano.

I've run out of episodes of Doomwatch to piss myself laughing to while chainsmoking and calling women "bird".

Chuck is displacing Middelman as my new favourite thing. I cannot tell you why, as it's exactly the same episode every week, and yet it's brilliant.

The only thing I've been watching on ye actual British telly is Being Human which was constantly amazing.

I am also watching a french film called "Nuits Rouge" about masked adventurers and the Knights Templar. It opens with the line "These thefts of men's brains - terrible, are they not?". It is addictive, but I am rationing it.


Joe said...

I'm afraid I've moved from finding Sarah Connor Enjoyably Awful to just plain Awful. Needs more Mansonator, clearly. Even if she has started quoting Bryan Adams.

Being Human was rather lovely though.

Skip said...

Oh,come on!

"Sit on my lap dear."
"But it's cold."
"Sit on it anyway, dear. Would you like me to read you a story?" *strokes hair*

The Mansonator is the best thing on telly. Poor Lena Headey is the worst.

Jonny Morris said...

I can do you some more Doomwatch if you like. I was enjoying your Doomwatchwatch.

Skip said...

Series 2 and 3 please, then! I heart the Doomwatch.

richardwatts said...

Being Human was fantastic. Bring on season two!

Skip said...

Well, quite. Last Sunday was a little odd. No Being Human in my life? What's the sodding point. I tried watching Solaris instead and then did some actual tidying.