Thursday, April 09, 2009


For the first time since January, I'm on a pause between work. I've got a tiny bit of actual work to do (amendments to second book, since you ask, ta very much), but everything else is waiting for people to get back to me.

It feels weird. I have nothing to do.

Yesterday took an entire day off - pottered round Soho with Lee, walked through some parks, took in a matinee, bought cable from Maplin and instantly regretted it (what is this boy urge? why do I now have an entire crate full of semi-abandoned s-vhs to phono leads?).

Last night I sat up till oh-fuck-oh-clock drinking whisky, chainsmoking and watching DVDs. This morning I woke up late and watched Alias with a hangover. And suddenly, just as Sydney Bristow disguised herself as Anna Espinoza disguised as Sydney Bristow (more painkillers now!)... suddenly, I realised the downside of this sudden leisure time:

I have absolutely no excuse not to go to the gym. Arse.


Lippy said...

You have fabulous timing - I have crap timing.
In Januarywhen the weather was awful and everyone else was hibernating and working their arses off I had no work.

Now when the sun is fitfully shining - I have loads. Must get it done or will still be bitching in August.

Go to the gym !

Skip said...

on the other hand, my notes have turned up... and so, bang goes the weekend. Is it still a holiday if you're eating chocolate while typing, or does that make me some weirdo spinster?

Lippy said...

At least they are your notes - I on the other hand have 82 emails from a client with a building dispute ....blissy :(

Skip said...

eurf! well, i've now eaten a dozen chocolate mini-eggs, looked up the exact meaning of "Yes we have no bananas" and am now hiding in the gym.